duty-free.tech launched in February 2019 offering a wealth of high-end items available for purchase in Bitcoin, and altcoins. duty-free.tech makes use of industry contacts and international trade agreements to search for only the highest-quality of products at competitive prices. We believe that in order for cryptocurrencies to prosper, we need to see real-world use cases of digital currency. duty-free.tech strives to address that need. By offering a valid solution whereby holders of cryptocurrency can exchange their coins for tangible physical goods.  The benefits of blockchain and borderless cryptocurrency transfers are numerous, it allows funds to be transferred worldwide virtually instantaneously and without incurring extensive transfer charges. This allows duty-free.tech to operate a truly Worldwide trading operation at low cost.

Our new website is launched on 10th of march with a number of added functionalities, better designs and many more products! It was always our plan to offer more affordable and a wider range of products through our crypto-commerce store. We listened to our community and we’ve sought high-quality products at  value cryptocurrency prices. , . duty-free.tech has operated without borders. We’ve shipped mobile phones to Germany, bought electric bikes from Helsinki and brought swiss watches to Italy. It’s now about taking our operation to the next level.Duty-free.tech is a project with a vision to see cryptocurrencies achieve mass adoption to the mainstream.

One of the exciting ways that we’re hoping to push cryptocurrency into the mainstream is with the World’s Firstduty-free Retail Space. The Duty-free.tech Flagship Store is based in switzerland, it’s a contemporary and multi-functional space. It serves as an education centre, a coffee shop and a retail space at the same time. It will serve as a hub of operations. It will show merchants both near and far that their business interests can be furthered by accepting cryptocurrency as means of payment for their goods and services.

Our team is a truly International operation with members spread across all continents; Italy, U.K, United States, Singapore, India, Colombia, Latvia, Brazil, and more. We’re lucky to work with so many experts in their field due to their passion and interest in cryptocurrencies. We’re adding to our extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers and dealers by the day.

However, there’s more to come.

Stay posted.